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About Us

           Oliver Layher

Oliver has been in circus since the age of 9, where he began his training at Circus Harmony in St. Louis MO. He began as a juggler and worked his way up to the elite acrobatics troupe where he became a porter. Throughout the years, he has performed in hundreds of shows around the United States and in a few other countries in disciplines such as Hand to Hand, Banquine, Juggling, Unicycle, and Diabolo. After graduating high school Oliver went on to attend Ecole Nationale du Cirque in Montreal, majoring in Hand to Hand as a porter. One of his favorite things about circus is that it combines many different art forms such as music, theater, and dance. Oliver also enjoys reading, watching movies, and playing the piano which he played for seven years.

Photo: Eric Bates

            Kyran Walton

Kyran is a St. Louis Missouri native and has been a part of the circus since 2009. He started at Circus Harmony and a few years later became a member of their elite troop, the St. Louis Arches. Kyran has performed in various disciplines including Banquine, Hand to Hand, Contortion, Hand-Balancing, Juggling, Unicycle, Flying trapeze, etc. Kyran also is a graduate of the National Circus School in Canada majoring in Hand to Hand and Hand Balancing.  In the past 13+ years, Kyran has performed all over the world, including in Israel, Puerto Rico, Monte Carlo, Washington D.C, and more. 

His style of performance combines aspects of traditional and contemporary circus along with dance components

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